Boost Your CV: What Can You Do With an MBA?

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3 min readJan 25, 2021

As one of the most popular graduate degrees in the United States, acquiring a master’s in business administration (MBA) degree can boost your value in the job market and open up leadership and managerial positions in your career. So, what can you do with an MBA? And is it worth the investment?

Whether you’re looking to advance to a higher level in your career or take on a new field completely, MBA degrees open up opportunities that allow you to increase your learning potential, stand out from other candidates and expand your knowledge and expertise.

Even with the current state of the economy, MBA graduates have a high success rate and an advantage when it comes to job placement. Clemson’s MBA graduates in December 2019 had a 100% job placement rate. May 2020 grads had a 90% job placement rate, despite an economic downturn and harsh job market.

There Are Jobs for MBA Graduates in a Wide Range of Industries

With an overarching degree like an MBA, you have the ability to choose your career path after graduation. Employers are always looking to invest in candidates who have the latest knowledge in business education. According to the CMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey of 2019, the top job functions that employers plan to fill with MBA graduates in 2019 included:

  • Strategy/Innovation, with 45% of respondents
  • Finance: 43%
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics: 40%
  • Marketing: 38%
  • Consulting: 37%
  • General Management: 34%
  • Business Development/Sales: 34%
  • Project Management: 28%
  • Product Management: 27%
  • Operations/Logistics/Supply Chain Management: 26%

The study found that strategy and finance roles are the most commonly offered jobs for new MBAs in the United States. It also found that the consulting industry offers the highest entry-level salaries for MBA graduates and that 58% of US companies offer signing bonuses for candidates with MBAs.

Tailor Your Degree to Your Specific Goals

With employees and recruiters becoming increasingly interested in MBA graduates, students have more choices for their careers when seeking out a degree. Interest in the graduate degree expands internationally and has drawn the attention of many universities and business schools that have developed their programs to be more diverse and cover more specialized areas of the business world. With these programs expanding, students can personalize their degrees to be more pointed toward their specific goals and intended career outcomes.

Broaden Your Business Network

Another major benefit of seeking out an MBA is the networking. While in school, graduates have opportunities to connect with fellow students, professors and other faculty who can help them develop their business management skills while introducing them to a broader network of professionals.

With a broadened business network in academia and the corporate sector, graduates can gain an understanding of the fast-changing environment of the business world and learn new ways to adapt — a highly valuable skill that increases their chances of finding a solid career.

Find a High-Paying Position

Did you know that MBA salaries are some of the highest in the job market? According to the QS Work University Rankings: Global MBA Rankings of 2019, the United States ranked second for the highest MBA salaries at $102,100 per year, behind Switzerland’s $123,500. Across the globe, MBA degrees are valued and compensated accordingly.

Create Your Own Business

When thinking about what to do with an MBA degree, consider your network. Having a network of business leaders can jumpstart your career and help you build a business from the ground up. Not only do MBAs in entrepreneurship build your network, but they can also provide you with mentorship from experienced and successful entrepreneurs who have an idea of the challenges you face and help you work past them. Clemson’s College of Business and Behavioral Science program was ranked in the Princeton Review’s Top 50 Entrepreneurship programs.

When considering where you want to go with your career or how you want to advance in the business world, an MBA is what can make you stand out and push you ahead. Start building your dream today with a degree that opens doors in the business world.



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