What Type of MBAs Work Well for Small Business Owners?

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4 min readMar 29, 2021

Whether you’re dreaming up a future business or you’re years into ownership, an MBA can help small business owners grow and expand their companies. While you already have a lot going on running a small business, an MBA is worth the time and effort for a number of reasons, including helping you build your network, providing you with mentorship from successful entrepreneurs, and allowing you a no-risk space to test your business plan.

But, you may be asking if it’s possible to run your company and pursue an MBA at the same time.

The answer at Clemson is yes. Not only can an MBA program educate you on different aspects of running a business, it will also open doors to see how other businesses are run. Clemson’s Innovative Leadership Series allows MBA students to learn from some of the most creative business minds in the country.

The video below is Johannes Mutzke of BlueInc Strategies. He explains the essential ingredients and often-elusive balance of innovation behaviors and the innovation structure required to achieve breakthrough results.

With multiple MBA programs available — many with working professionals like you in mind — you have options that will fit your busy schedule and needs. So whether you’re ready to dive in full time to bring your business idea to life or are looking for ways to work on your MBA when you’re not in the office, Clemson can help you find the MBA that fits your lifestyle.

6 Types of MBA Programs for Small Business Owners at Clemson

Clemson offers options for obtaining your MBA, dependent on what works best for you, your lifestyle and your schedule. It’s no wonder that Clemson’s Master of Business Administration program was ranked in the Princeton Review’s Top 50 Entrepreneurship programs.

1. MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Full-Time

Designed for those who want to launch a start-up, business owners who want to expand their knowledge and professionals interested in innovation, the 1-year MBAe program doesn’t require experience to get started. Using your own business or idea as a case study throughout the program, the full-time MBAe sets you up for success.

2. MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Part-Time

Perfect for small business owners, the MBAe part-time program allows you to pursue your MBA without sacrificing your 9-to-5. By using a hybrid of online and in-person classes spread out over 2 years, Clemson’s part-time MBAe program is for business professionals with 5+ years of work experience. Like the full-time MBAe program, you’ll use your own company or idea as a case study throughout the program, fine-tuning your business model alongside experts.

3. MBA Online: Part-Time

Specifically tailored for professionals who have 2+ years of work experience, our online MBA program is delivered both live and through recorded lectures, so you can work on your studies when it’s convenient for you.

4. MBA in Business Analytics: Part-Time

Available over 2 years, Clemson’s MBA in Business Analytics teaches students how to leverage statistical analysis and data in corporate settings. This program is perfect for those students who know their business inside and out, but want to study the ways in which their company can be run more efficiently, scaled up and reach a wider audience. Structured after our part-time MBAe program, the MBA in Business Analytics is a hybrid of online and in-person classes so you can fit schooling around your life, not the other way around.

5. MBA Corporate: Full-Time

Clemson’s full-time corporate MBA is available for those who may not have business experience yet, but would like to advance their knowledge and career. Students who have support running their company and want to graduate quickly find this program is a good fit for their needs.

6. MBA Corporate: Part-Time

The Clemson part-time MBA program gives students the opportunity to pursue their post-graduate degree in as little as 2 years or longer for those who need more flexibility to balance schooling with their busy lives. If you want to pursue your education without interrupting your 9-to-5, Clemson’s part-time Corporate program is made with your needs in mind.

Why Online or Hybrid Part-Time MBA Programs are Ideal for Small Business Owners

No one knows your schedule better than you, so our part-time Online MBA program and hybrid MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and MBA in Business Analytics programs give you the freedom to pursue your studies while handling the day-to-day necessities that come with running a company. Elevate your business opportunities with an MBA from Clemson.



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